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4 Main Mistakes People Make When They Experience Water Damage

4 Main Mistakes People Make When They Experience Water Damage | California State Restoration

Water damage can happen at any time anywhere. Experiencing any type of water damage in your house or business can be highly stressful, and many people will react by trying to jump into action in order to clean up the mess immediately. While it is crucial to mitigate the damage as soon as humanly possible, certain types of mistakes can make it more damaging to your health, to your structure, or to both.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that property owners can make in the face of unanticipated water damage, brought to you from all of us at California State Restoration.

Doing it Yourself: How many times have you spilled water and said, “no big deal”? And in most cases, this is completely true when it comes to small spills. The problem with this comes when this attitude is the same when larger water damage occurs. Some water damage can truly be cleaned up with a DIY effort, but it’s important to know what you are looking for, so that you won’t miss anything. Water is very pervasive and can easily lead to hidden damage if not properly dried promptly. Drying out your home or commercial building and restoring the water damage that’s caused is a far more time-consuming and highly intensive process than many people can realize.

In many cases, people will skip necessary steps. Improper drying and insufficient cleanup can lead to more damage over time, because it can cause people to wait too long to before they get around to completing the drying process.

Not Seeking Out the Services of a Professional: One of the biggest mistakes that can be made happens when handling a water damage does not involve a professional restoration company like California State Restoration. At the very least, you should call us to come out and do a series of readings with a moisture meter in order to assess the damage for you. Many homeowners and property managers are often surprised to realize the overall extent of the damage that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Waiting Way Too Long to Act: Time is of the essence when dealing with any type water damage. For something that appears to be small water damage, it can often be tempting to try to do it yourself and put off hiring a professional company like California State Restoration and/or calling your insurance company. A moderate amount of water does not seem like that big of an issue at least initially. Unfortunately, even a very small amount of water can cause a considerable of damage. Water will often seep into crevices and cracks where it can remain unseen, soaking into the building’s materials and encouraging mold growth if it continues to go left undetected and unmitigated. While the damage can often seem small at first, it can quickly snowball into a massive problem down the road.

Cutting Corners: The unfortunate fact about water damage restoration is that the work done must be performed thoroughly and precisely. There are no practical corners to be cut or shortcuts to take when it comes to water damage. That means that the correct drying equipment must always be used and continually monitored. Properly drying, cleaning, and fully restoring water damage is an investment in both time and money if the job is performed correctly. The true consequences of taking shortcuts when it comes to water damage can be severe—all the way from mold growth to the gradual degradation of building materials.

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Sources: AAA and National Organization of Restoration and Remediation Professionals (NORRP)

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