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Let's Meet Suneli Aranal, Our Office Admin

Let's Meet Suneli Aranal, Our Office Admin | California State Restoration

At California State Restoration, we value all of our employees and appreciate the team. Periodically, we will feature questions and answers from one of our people, so that you can get to know them better both personally and professionally.

Q: How long have you been with California State Restoration and what do you do for the company?
A: I was hired in December 2020. I am an office admin.

Suneli Aranal

Suneli Aranal

Q: How many years of industry experience do you have? (Hobbies, etc.)
A: I have been in the restoration industry for 8 years. I started out in the field as a technician & when the opportunity presented itself to be in the office, I took it.

Q: Favorite part of the job?
A: I would like to think I enjoy it all right now.

Q: What do you do when you're not working at CSR?
A: I am a mom of 2, a six-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl. They keep me busy after work and on the weekends. Going park hopping whenever we can is a favorite thing to do.

Q: What sports teams do you follow?
A: I am a Giants fan!

Q: Favorite movies?
A: Pay it Forward is my #1 Favorite movie.

Q: Favorite TV Shows?
A: I am currently watching Roswell, New Mexico. But I am usually into Crime Documentaries.

Q: Books you’ve recently read?
A: I don’t do much reading for myself, but I do read to my kids daily. I prefer to listen to podcasts.

Q: Pets?
A: We have one fish and her name is “princess.” My daughter chose the name.

Q: Favorite outdoor activities?
A: Long walks

Q: If you could have any kind of car, what would you get and why?
A: A 1970s Chevrolet Chevelle, all red. I grew up watching my dad take cars apart and put them back together and one of my favorite ones was an old Chevelle that was rusty, but fast!

Q: If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be?
A: Paul Walker, maybe in our next life. May he rest in peace.

Q: What are some of the customer service things you're proud of at CSR and describe your view of what exceptional customer service is?
A: At CSR we treat our customers with respect and honesty. I think that exceptional customer service is being honest with your customers and that communication is key. Communicating every step of the way while they are going through a difficult situation is something that I am proud of at CSR.

Q: What are some of the changes you've seen in this industry over the years and how has CSR reacted to these?
A: When I started working at my first restoration company I started as a field technician. One of the job descriptions was to inventory customers items in their home. We would have to take a picture of the item with a digital camera, and start writing down in a notepad the description of the item. It was time consuming, and double the work. Once we got back to the office the pictures would get downloaded via a USB cord and then create another spreadsheet on word, and transfer everything from our notepad.

Now it's all digital, we use iPads that carry an app where you snap the photo and add description on the spot. It all gets saved to the “cloud” and it makes things go faster! It’s incredible

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California State Restoration did a great job!

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