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Refrigerator & Ice Maker Water Damage Prevention Tips

Refrigerator & Ice Maker Water Damage Prevention Tips | California State Restoration

As a local water damage company, at California State Restoration in Santa Rosa, CA, we often encounter flooded kitchens from faulty refrigerators, ice makers, supply lines, and connecting parts.

Over time, these appliances deteriorate and crack, the refrigerator is pushed against the wall, or a connection becomes loose. Use these helpful tips to avoid refrigerator and ice maker water damage.

Refrigerator & Ice Makers Can Create Serious Water Damage

While a fridge or ice maker leak may seem like a small issue, it can cause major problems for your wall, floor, and anything in the way. California State Restoration has seen refrigerator and ice maker water damage issues both big and small. Here is how to handle this situation if it happens to you:

Most Common Refrigerator and Ice Maker Water Damages & Repairs

If you catch the water in time, you may be able to soak up the water, dry the area, including the walls, and go on with your normal life. With the proper drying, mold growth shouldn’t be an issue.

On the other hand, if a significant amount of time passes and the water sits, you may be facing some water damage repairs to floors and drywall. Left too long, the water may lead to mold growth.

Do not attempt any water damage repairs without the proper expertise and tools.

Does Homeowners Insurance Normally Cover Refrigerator and Ice Maker Water Damage?

To the dismay of many homeowners, a slow leak from a freezer, ice maker, or fridge will usually not be covered. Homeowners insurance typically only applies for sudden, accidental leaks from malfunctions. Negligence is excluded.

How to Avoid Water Damage Caused by Failing Kitchen Appliances

If the water line breaks, gallons can accumulate in your kitchen in the blink of an eye. Alternatively, a leak can cause silent, but deadly destruction. Here’s how to prevent kitchen appliance water damage:

  • Periodically remove dust and debris that collects behind the appliance.
  • Remove hard water buildup in the line.
  • Use copper or stainless-steel lines for replacement.
  • Shut off the main water supply before leaving for extended periods of time.
  • Keep an eye around the fridge and under sinks for signs of water damage.
  • Invest in a water alarm that will sound when it senses water.

Give Your Fridge a Little Love to Prevent Water Damage Cleanup

Keep your home safe from refrigerator water damage, mold, and other secondary damages by monitoring the area. If you should have a leak or flood, California State Restoration is always here to help!

About California State Restoration Services

Serving Napa, Marin, and Sonoma Counties with 24/7 Emergency Services, California State Restoration Services in Santa Rosa, CA performs every aspect of disaster restoration. For all your water, fire, storm, and mold damage needs, as well as for sewage and biohazard cleanups, California State Restoration Services is a one-stop company that is known for quality work and a professional approach to everything we do. We have grown steadily over the years because we make customer service a #1 priority and are always looking for solutions that are viable and affordable.

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