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Let's Meet Xiomara Vargas, Our New Office Operator

Let's Meet Xiomara Vargas, Our New Office Operator | California State Restoration

Q: How long have you been with California State Restoration and what do you do for the company?
A: This is my third day working for California State Restoration. I know it’s not much but it’s been an adventure working here so far.

Q: How many years of industry experience do you have?
A: I’m a rookie in this industry but thanks to some classes taken at the SRJC, I’m familiar with some aspects of the job.

Xiomara Vargas

Xiomara Vargas

Q: Favorite part of the job?
A: With so much to do and so much to learn, I feel like time flies even though it’s a full-time shift. I like being busy and it feels great getting many things done.

Q: What do you do when you're not working at CSR?
A: I’m still in college so I’m mostly busy with schoolwork after work hours.

Q: What sports teams do you follow?
A: 49ers, The Giants, Golden State Warriors

Q: Favorite movies?
A: Life of Pi, Star Wars, Mulan, Hidden Figures

Q: Favorite TV Shows?
A: The Mandalorian, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Big Bang Theory

Q: Books you’ve recently read?
A: Graceling books and the Bible

Q: Pets?
A: I have a dog. A cute tiny Yorkie. My baby. She’s 10 years old. Still a puppy.

Q: Favorite outdoor activities?
A: I enjoy swimming in lakes and hiking in some state parks around the area.

Q: If you could have any kind of car, what would you get and why?
A: I’d love to have a nice Jeep Wrangler. Perfect for rural destinations. Its design reflects power and durability.

Q: If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be?
A: I think it would be fun to have lunch with Tom Holland, the last actor who interpreted Spiderman. He has a charming and fun vibe.

Q: What are some of the customer service things you're proud of at CSR and describe your view of what exceptional customer service is?
A: I really like that service requests are taken care of quickly which is extremely important for emergencies. Due to these, it’s understandable that people who request our services are worried and stressed so I consider reassuring them that everything will be fine and back to its original condition, and being very clear what steps need to be done to make that happen is good customer service.

Q: What are some of the changes you've seen in this industry over the years and how has CSR reacted to these?
A: Personally, I wasn’t able to witness changes in this specific industry but my parents worked for years in this industry and they say that modern equipment is easier to handle and more powerful, and certain tools and products are more efficient to clean tough damaged areas. Now working for CSR, I noticed that CSR is definitely on top of this having the best and modern equipment to provide good services.

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Client's Testimonial

Professional, helpful, and reassuring

We called California State Restoration about a water leak in our upstairs bathroom and a crew showed up that same night to extract the water and set up drying equipment.

They were professional, helpful, and reassuring. They took the time to explain what needed to be done and why, then walked me through the estimate for the clean up and repairs step by step.

Also worked with my insurance no problem. If anything ever happens again I'm definitely calling these guys.

Windsor CA