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Saving the Day from a Smelly Ending

Saving the Day from a Smelly Ending | California State Restoration

Dave Spratling of Santa Rosa, CA, received a phone call one day that every landlord in the world regrets. “A big pipe underneath the house burst; unfortunately, it was the sewage pipe, and the smell is awful!

An emergency in his 3-bedroom, one bathroom home was happening, and as an experienced property owner, Dave knew that time was of the essence, so he had to act quickly and definitively.

Spratling knows this is a possibility, but it is always a shocking experience when it happens. So, rather than sit around and worry about a broken and leaking sewage pipe, Dave jumped on the Internet and did a Google search. At the same time, a friend recommended California State Restoration in Santa Rosa, CA. It was a move Spratling is happy he made, he said “I contacted California State Restoration and they were excellent from start to finish. They showed up quickly and knew exactly what to do, which was great! The gave us a very reasonable estimate and the price was more than fair.

Once the work began, Spratling’s confidence about the project grew even more. “They completed the work in one day, which was surprising,” he said. “The company’s Owner Eddie did much of the work himself. When something like this happens, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. That’s why you want a skilled, experienced and properly trained company like California State Restoration and that’s exactly how it went.

Dave Spratling is smiling ear-to-ear now and will work with California State Restoration again if he runs into another bursting pipe or related incident. “Yes, I am so happy—I will refer them to my friends and use them if needed. They took a potentially tricky situation and made it a pleasant deal, depending on the circumstances. Thanks Ed and California State Restoration--you deserve five stars and I am happy to give you this great recommendation!

About California State Restoration Services

Serving Napa, Marin, and Sonoma Counties with 24/7 Emergency Services, California State Restoration Services in Santa Rosa, CA performs every aspect of disaster restoration. For all your water, fire, storm, and mold damage needs, as well as for sewage and biohazard cleanups, California State Restoration Services is a one-stop company that is known for quality work and a professional approach to everything we do. We have grown steadily over the years because we make customer service a #1 priority and are always looking for solutions that are viable and affordable.

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Client's Testimonial

California State Restoration did a great job!

They fixed my mold and cleaned it up. Save my kitchen and save me more money. They were careful about what they're doing.

They were the least expensive and had a good pricing. They were on time and professional!

Santa Rosa, CA