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5 Ways Smoke and Soot Can Affect You in a Bad Way

5 Ways Smoke and Soot Can Affect You in a Bad Way | California State Restoration

In 2021, there were more than 450,000 home structure fires reported in the US. Even with modern safety equipment, the risk of fire in the home is still a significant one. It is something that can happen to any of us.

Thankfully, smoke alarms and other safety equipment have helped to reduce the risk of physical harm from house fires. But the damage to your home can be devastating. And it’s not only fire damage; smoke damage can have a serious effect on your home too.

At California State Restoration Services in Santa Rosa, CA, we know how smoke can affect your environment, and that’s why we work hard with our clients to mitigate smoke damage.

1. Soot!

If you have had a fire in your home then there’s going to be a lot of soot. Soot is a black, powdery substance produced when a fire does not completely burn its fuel source. During a fire, the soot often becomes ionized, which attracts it to certain surfaces and cause it to adhere. It can also make its way into your HVAC system, pumping back into circulation when you turn the system on. Soot particles in your home can be a major health risk. Inhaling soot can irritate your lungs and airways. It can also lead to more serious complications further down the line, so it is advisable to get your home treated by a professional as soon as possible.

2. Wet Smoke

If you have had a smoldering fire that has burned at a low heat, you may find that you have wet smoke residue. Unlike the dry, powdery soot that is more often found after a fast-burning fire, wet smoke residue is sticky and clammy. It makes it an absolute nightmare to clean because most attempts to remove it usually leads to the residue being smeared everywhere. If you have wet smoke residue it is advisable to call a professional service. Trying to clean up wet smoke residue by yourself will only spread the residue even further, causing more damage to your property.

3. What’s that Smell?

Smoke damage may not be easily visible on items such as fabrics and furniture but the smell is hard to miss. The tiny particles that cause the smoky smell are trapped in clothing, carpets, and drapes. If not properly treated, the smell can linger for long periods of time. Cleaning the soot particles from these surfaces will help, but if the odor has penetrated the fabrics, it is far more difficult to remove. You will need a professional smoke damage restoration service to successfully deodorize the offending items to remove the smell.

4. Stains!

After a fire, a lot of the smoke damage will be immediately visible, but some surfaces will not show their discoloration until some days later. You may find that over the course of a few days, more and more of your walls and floors begin to turn yellow. Porous stone such as marble or granite countertops and exposed wood can become permanently discolored by soot if not treated promptly. Metal surfaces can also become tarnished by the effects of smoke and soot. The sooner that you can get your home treated for the effects of soot damage, the less likely that you will have permanent staining to your home.

5. Skin Irritation

Soot can cause severe irritation to your skin. In some cases, it can be severe enough to need medical treatment, so it is important to ensure that all soot residue is removed from your home. If soot has penetrated your clothing, some soot particles may remain embedded in them even after washing. Wearing these clothes can then lead to further skin irritation, even when the smoke and soot has been removed from the rest of your property. If you are concerned about your skin irritation you should always seek medical advice.

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