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Our Two-Year Anniversary Celebration Was a Huge Success

Our Two-Year Anniversary Celebration Was a Huge Success | California State Restoration

At California State Restoration, we are proud of the work we have done and what we have achieved since we opened our doors two years ago. To commemorate and celebrate our two-year anniversary, we threw a party and more than 50 people attended the event.

From 1 pm to 6 pm on Saturday, October 15, we hosted a barbecue and greeted each and every customer, business partner, and team member to let them know how much we value and appreciate everything that they have done for us. Owner Eddie Gutierrez opened up the party with a brief speech followed by a company video.

Celebrating our success is important because time passes by quickly and we need to acknowledge what we have achieved while looking into the future,” he said. “To stay motivated and on task, we need to celebrate the good things and a good end result. Without our team including Rafael, Xiomara, Stephanie, Suneli, Ellot, and Vanessa, we could not be here today. We consider them our family and that is why we have been here for two years with many more to come.

In preparation for the event, the CSR team spruced up the warehouse with signs and decorations. We served a big cake and there was a jump house for the kids. There was also a raffle and two tents in which people could eat and network.

We wanted to show off all of our newest, cutting-edge equipment and interact with everyone in attendance,” Eddie said. “We are proud of our facility and the celebration offered us with a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet everyone who came. It meant a lot to see people having a good time and enjoying themselves at our two-year anniversary celebration, and we are surely looking forward to holding our 3-yer anniversary party in 2023!

Our Two-Year Anniversary Celebration Was a Huge Success

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