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Check Out Our Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Check Out Our Fall Home Maintenance Checklist | California State Restoration

Fall is one of our favorite times of year, and it is finally here, but winter is quickly approaching. As one of the busiest times of year for us at California State Restoration in Santa Rosa, CA, it can be tough to stay on top of everything, especially around your home.

That is why fall is the perfect time to take a few minutes to check in with your property. California State Restoration is sharing this fall home maintenance checklist to keep your home in good working order all year round.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

If you aren’t paying attention, issues around your home can quickly arise and worsen. Use this fall home maintenance checklist to assess any areas of concern.

1. Seal Foundation Cracks

Cracks in the foundation make easy access for moisture. Typical spots to monitor include where brick meets siding, pipes and wires entry points, and around the edges of windows and doors. Should you find any cracks, use caulk to seal them. Doing this quick task can save energy and prevent water damage and mold growth.

2. Check Out the Roof

Search for any loose or missing shingles and replace them to prevent the roof from vulnerability. Your roof is the first line of defense in protecting the home.

3. Clear the Gutters

Once the leaves have fallen from the trees, you will want to flush the gutters and downspouts. Tighten brackets and inspect the joints of the entire gutter system.

4. Practice Fire Safety

Test the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector once a year at a minimum.

5. Tend to the Yard

Rake any leaves, loose bulbs, branches, and other debris. Fuel should be drained from lawn equipment before these items are stowed away in the shed. Drain any hoses and store inside. Restock your bird feeders.

6. Weather Proof the Home

Drafts from poorly-sealed windows and doors can prove to be a hindrance to your home’s energy efficiency. Sealing these areas can save up to 10% on your annual bill.

7. Schedule an Inspection

Call a professional HVAC professional to inspect your system. Any other heating and cooling sources should have an inspection also.

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Serving Napa, Marin, and Sonoma Counties with 24/7 Emergency Services, California State Restoration Services in Santa Rosa, CA performs every aspect of disaster restoration. For all your water, fire, storm, and mold damage needs, as well as for sewage and biohazard cleanups, California State Restoration Services is a one-stop company that is known for quality work and a professional approach to everything we do. We have grown steadily over the years because we make customer service a #1 priority and are always looking for solutions that are viable and affordable.

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