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Water Damage Recovery

Our Restoration Services

A pipe bursts or a heavy storm hits your area and now you have to deal with a whole lot of problems you didn’t have before.

Is your house suffering from water damage? Are you worried it’s going to get worse? Your property could be flooded because of a ruptured drainpipe or another related accident, but water entering your house is normally a precursor to a variety of other potentially serious problems.

At California State Restoration Services in Santa Rosa, CA, we have you 100% covered with our comprehensive range of water damage restoration, sewage cleanup and/or mold removal services.

When water starts collecting inside your home, it gives rise to a number of issues. Once it’s absorbed, strong odors will begin to appear. More damage is caused when water remains stagnant in any part of the house for any extended period of time. If untreated, it can erode of your home’s foundation and cause cracks in the walls and ceiling.

Ignoring moisture or damp surfaces in your house can cause considerable losses in the future. Contact us today for a moisture inspection.