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Mold Remediation

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At California State Restoration, we are one of Northern California’s leading mold experts.

Any type of discoloration on walls, ceilings or floors, or heavy water marks may be an indicator of mold growth. In some cases, people experience itchy eyes, sore throats or headaches. Mold is typically more harmful to seniors and children with compromising health conditions.

There are more than a thousand different varieties of mold in existence. The majority of them are caused as a result of extreme moisture or stagnant water. Roofs, basements, and washroom doors, for example, are common places where you can find mold. Mold loves damp conditions and thrives in moderate climates.

Molds are typically known to cause a wide variety of different problems. They can lead to serious respiratory problems and many people die every year from mold infestation.

If it’s unchecked, mold can actually grow within the walls and roofs of homes causing cracks and weakening the structure. We have seen walls that collapsed because of mold, which is obviously dangerous on many levels.

Mold is a serious thing, so at California State Restoration, we treat it very seriously. If you see it and it looks like mold, give us a call right away.